Teotihuacana influence in the South Coast of Guatemala

The group of  participants when concluding the Seminary

The teotihuacanas iconography and the writing, in the South coast of Guatemala, were the subject of the advanced seminary organized by Oswaldo Chinchilla and Kart Taube in the Museum Popol Vuh of the University Francisco Marroquín Thursday 14 and Fridays 15 of 2005 July.

The activity was made by means of tables of discussion on specific subjects and direct observations of the representations of Gods and supernatural beings in objects of ceramics of the collection of the Museum Popol Vuh. The investigators had the possibility of observing with detail some objects of special interest, that are conserved in the collection of the museum.

The intention of the seminary went the one to reunite to a small group of investigators and advanced students, to discuss the subject, and simultaneously to examine original objects of the collection of the museum.

The discussed subjects were the one of the iconography and the teotihuacana writing in the South Coast, by Kart Taube; the ceramic changes between the preclassic terminal and the classic one early, by Hector Neff; the teotihuacanas influences in intermediate regions like the Horcones, Chiapas, by Claudia Garcia Des-Lauriers; and the mountain of flowers in the tzutuhil cosmovisión, by Vincent Stanzione.

Barbara Arroyo, Claudia Garcia-Des Lauriers, Edgar Carpio, Erika Gomez, Guillermo Mata Amado, Hector Neff, Jose Vicente Genovez, Karl Taube, Elisa Mencos, Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos, Ruud van Akkeren, Sonia Medrano, Stephen Houston, Vincent Stanzione and Zachary Nelson participated in the Barbarian Seminary.

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