»The Red Horse», available at the UFM

The Red Horse was published by Editorial Piedra Santa

The Red Horse, the historical novel by Maca Barrett, on the first years of Guatemalas foundation seen through the lives of Francisco Marroquín, Pedro de Alvarado and Beatriz de la Cueva- is available at the libraries in the campus of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

«Next to the martial figure of the Adelantado the noble ladies Doña Francisca and Doña Beatriz de la Cueva appear, transplanted to the New World under unlucky signs.  In the combats& they hear the hitting of the swords and the lances and piafar of the horses until then strangers in the territory.  In contrast to the roar of the war the rested words of [characters like Francisco Marroquín] who fight to smooth the violence, and through the sufferings of the rising community of Spaniards and natives the coffer of the alliance, the integration of the definitive race glimpses to the distant spot that was to arise from the shock of overcome winners and, synthesized by the union of Doña Leonor de Alvarado and Don Francisco de la Cueva», says Adrián Recinos in the prologue.

Although the University Francisco Marroquín is a lay university; it was named in honor of bishop Marroquín who, being the first prelate of Central America during the colonial time, had two interests that we shared in this house of study: the respect to the individual rights and the value of the education.  During his management like Bishop, Marroquín took care of the rights of the natives and donated part of its fortune to found the first university of Guatemala.

In the campus of the UFM there is a bust of Marroquín that was donated to the University by the fiduciary Felix Montes in January of 1975 and was carved by José Nicholás.

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