The Terror Club met at the UFM

Héctor Gaitán, left, while showing the head of Serapio Cruz (Tata Lapo)

«One night, when they were coming back through Concepción Street and Manchén Alley, they saw a burial coming: monks with white hoods were praying, with candles in their hands, and you couldn’t see their faces…» that was the nature of one of the stories shared by the writer Héctor Gaitán, during the meeting of the Terror Club, organized by Adelaida Loukota, head of Public Relations at the Ludwig von Mises Library, of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

In this occasion, the title of the activity was Horror Stories at the Historical Center Streets, the master of ceremonies was Gilda Rodas, and it was celebrated last Friday the 13th of July of 2007.  The Club met at dusk in the Library.

«While arriving at the house of his partner at the Dolores Alley, my grandpa met with the cadejo, the great dog that seems to throw fire through his eyes…».  In addition to Gaitán the public and, specially the kids, also told their horror stories.

This is the third meeting of the Terror Club where they share horror stories every Friday the 13th.

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