Tyco, at the UFM´s Excellence Center

The ropes dinamics require teamwork and ingenuity

A group of 10 executives of Tyco Electronics participated in a teamwork and repes workshop, guided by Carla de Hess, from the Excellence Center of the Francisco Marroquín University on March 3rd of 2006.

Tyco Electronics is the biggest supplier of passive electronic components, in the world; and one of the greatest producers of active components.  Their products are in computers, telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, and aerospace and defense applications.  Also in automobiles, household and other electric devices.  Its catalogue includes more than 320.000 unique products and has 88.000 employees in 54 countries.

The participants in the teamwork activity, organized at the UFM, came from the United States of America, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico and Guatemala.

In the activities Tyco´s values were applied, these are integrity, excellence, teamwork and accountability.

Some commentaries of the participants were:

I believe that it is an excellent tool that helps us approach more our fellow workers that perhaps we have not done it in the officeWell thought and apropiate.  She expressed the values and teamwork properly.It is a very good way to focus on the team effortsIt is an excellent way to integrate groups and to motivate themVery well directed and related to teamworkGood place to work, close and is well well-taken care ofVery good facilities, the exercises are very appropiate to improve the relation with the groupExcellent organizationThe ropes facilities of the Excellence Center are in a hill behind the Ludwig von Mises Library, that also comprises of the UFM’s
Arboretum. More than 1.500 people have received workshops that include ropes dynamics in the University, including students, educational and administrative personnel of this house of studies; as well as students of other institutions and companies.

The Excellence Center is an educative project directed to the UFM students and external people to contribute to their integral education, developing them abilities of teamwork and leadership.

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