UFM and IGA celebrated liberty and Ibsen´s centenary

Ronald Flores and Julio César De León Barbero at the Walt Whitman Library

In order to commemorate Henrik Ibsen´s death centenary the faculty of Social Philosophy and the Henry Hazlitt Center of the Francisco Marroquín University, and the Guatemalan American Institute (IGA) celebrated the forum titled The importance of freedom and of taking the personal existence in our own hands.

The conductors were Julio Cesar De León Barbero, head professor of Social Philosophy; and Ronald Flores, writer and analyst, author of Los señores de Xiblablá, among others works.  The forum was carried out on February 1st of 2006 at IGA´s Walt Whitman Library, and soon it will be available here.

Ibsen´s death centenary is cellebrated this year. Acts of recognition to the work of this Norwegian dramatist who made theater of ideas are being prepared in many parts of the world.

«Of Ibsen´s work, A Doll´s Houseconstituted an entire provocation in its days. Written in the most philosophical stage of the author, this work is an educative theater piece. It undresses a world in which the woman does not have the option to take her own life in her own hands and lacks of freedom, understood like self-determination. It´s not about feminism; but it is a reclamation in favor of the human being to construct his own life and not to be a simple toy or adornment», De León indicated, when observing that, for Ibsen and other philosophers like Ortega and Gasset, the greatest responsibility that we, as human beings have, is to make and to build our own life, that has not been given us solved.

Flores, in that direction, made reference to the moment in which Nora, the protagonist, tells her husband that she has not been happy by his side. «She was glad and nothing else», says Nora when realizing she had been a big doll at her husband´s house and a small doll at her father´s house.  The attending public had the opportunity to make questions and coments around to the exhibitors.

This is the third activity of this nature that the Social Philosophy faculty and the CHH organize. First it was the
  on the work of Ayn Rand, in which Argentine judge Ricardo Rojas participated; second the
  of Liberalism, by Ludwig von Mises, with the same panelistas. These are coordinated by members of the UFM´s
Seminary of Philosophy.

In order give context to the forum and the celebration, an exhibition of photos of the play A Doll´s house was mounted in the Library, directed and produced by Dick Smith, at El Puente theater at the beginning of the 70´s.  The exhibition included Nora´s dress, the protagonist of the play, that was used in that occasion.

Lybny Mejía, director of the Library; and Karla Lossi, director of events, gave the closing and introduction speeches.

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