UFM celebrates Milton Friedman

The Power of Choice has been presented at the UFM to conmemorate Milton Friedman’s Day.

With the feature presentation of documentary on the life and a work of Milton Friedman, Universidad Francisco Marroquín celebrates the life and work of that distinguished economist, winner of the Nobel prize in Economy and friend of this house of studies.

Thanks to Free to Choose Media, and Bob Chitester, executive producer of
The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman, UFM students could see, before the entire world, that documentary.  It was released for all the public, last January 29th of 2007 on PBS, commemorating the
Milton Friedman Day.

At this House of Freedom professors attended a feature presentation in
; and since last January 15 of 2007 the video is being showed to students of different academic units, the exhibition that will continue throughout this week.

As part of the celebrations, the
Henry Hazlitt Center organized a seminary on the Thought of Milton Friedman, directed by Clynton Lopez, professor of that academic unit.  

Friedman was an inspiring friend of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, where he was doctor honoris cause.  At the UFM’s School of Businesses there is a auditorium named after him and a terrace named after his wife, Rose.  In our School of Businesses, his image presides over a mural of freedom champions. Milton Friedman donated to the UFM the copyrights of his work Free to choose, in Spanish; and the videos of the same one are available to the public, at our
New Media Digital Resources Center. Friedman
said that «the UFM is a wonderful and little common example.  In few years it has been placed between the leading universities in Latin America, with a very important influence in the region». 

The UFM was united, of this way, to the global celebration of the Milton Friedman Day.  Please it consults the calendar of events,

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