UFM hosts visited the Linen Cloth from Quauhquechollan

El new host group accompanied by Mayra Ramírez, asistant to the President; and Luis Figueroa, director of Public Relations

A group of students who recently joined the host students team of Universidad Francisco Marroquín visited the exhibition of the Linen cloth from Quauhquechollan, under the Liberty Plaza of this house of studies.

The Linen cloth shows the route that the quauhquecholtecas crossed, lead by Jorge de Alvarado, during the conquest of Guatemala. This is not only one of the few existing sources on the conquest expeditions but the first geographic map that is known of our country; and in it the history of a migration that transformed the identity of a whole town is narrated.

The Linen Cloth from Quauhquechollan is a Nahuatl painting of the 16th Century, where the indigenous quauhquecholtecas painted their vision of the Spanish conquest. In 1520 the inhabitants of the Nahuatl community of Quauhquechollan allied themselves with Hernán Corés and later participated as Co-conquerors in the military campaigns of the Spaniards, in exchange for being released from the mexica oppression.

These students participate as hosts in his university and the host team is coordinated by Mayra Ramirez, assistant to the UFM’s President. The hosts are freshmen to senior students from all the schools, institutes and departments of the University. They participate publicly in name of the UFM during events and make possible that UFM guests feel welcome at this House of Liberty. Their participation has been outstanding in events like the Entrepreneurship Forum, the International Map Collector’s Society Symposium, the celebration of the anniversary of Cervantes, in commencement acts, and the visits of personalities such as the Nobel prize in Economy, Vernon L. Smith; and the ex-president of the Spanish government, Jose Maria Aznar; for example.

Their visit to the Linen cloth occurred last April 17th of 2007.




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