UFM in the CNE’s Monatsmagazin

This is the article published by  Monatsmagazin

Hardy Bouillon, director of Academic Affairs of the Centre for New Europe wrote an article about Universidad Francisco Marroquín in the

Monatsmagazin the magazine published by that organization.

In the article titled Jungle Campus in reference to a German television program called Jungle Camp, doctor Bouillon explains that Universidad Francisco Marroquín, in the city of Guatemala, has a simple mission: the education and diffusion of ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons.  Founded on 1971 by Manuel Ayau, the UFM is a private, secular, nonresidential and nonlucrative university that grants titles like degrees, masters and doctorates.  This year the UFM was host of the Mont Pelerin General Meeting and a conference on the challenges for liberalism in the 21st century.  

Center was founded on 1993 it is a forum for the discussion of the ideas that animate and the practical implications of the European Union policies. The ambition of the Center is to contribute to a new, free, prosperous and pacific Europe.





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