UFM on The Wall Street Journal

Mary O´Grady lectured at the UFM on November 2006

«Universities need to be at the margin of conflicts of their times to safeguard science and academic freedom that man will need in all the times; since the commitment of universities is not passenger but a permanent thing of human life», says the 

Philosophy Statement of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, and is the phrase mentioned by Mary O´Grady, of The Wall Street Journal, in its titled article The Populist Persuassion, that was published last December 29th of 2006.

The mentioned editorial, of
The Wall Street Journal, warns of the prevailing Populism in Latin America and mentions the very positive work of Manuel F. Ayau and the Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

In that context it is that she mentions the phrase of the UFM’s Philosophy Statement, whose author is Vice President emeritus Rigoberto Juárez-Paz and is shared by the founders and the present fiduciaries of this house of studies.

On that matter, the President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., indicated that «it is worth to add what is said ahead in our Philosophy Statement, but is not mentioned on  O’Grady’s editorial: [T]he Universities are guardians of the fundamental values of our civilization and they could be badly kept and taken care of if they were involved in the conflicts of their time».





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