UFM professors at Socratic practice

Albert Loan, first from left to right, with a group of UFM professors

A new group of professors of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, from different academic units, participated in the Seminar Kinds of Order in the Classroom: An Introduction to Socratic Practice, given by Albert Loan and organized by the Henry Hazlitt Center of this house of studies.

This academic activity is a follow up of the seminaries that were given in

The seminar included subjects such as: thinking together and intellectual independence; introduction to dialogue; the evolution of the learning culture; the use of dialogue as an organizing principle; and moving towards a classroom centered on the student.

Also: the ethics of dialogue; the tacit rules; emotional and intellectual answers; the relevance of university experience; and the technology of the dialogue.

Albert Loan, who lectures the seminar on Socratic Dialogue at the UFM, is professor at The School of the Woods, in Houston, Texas; a private diversified Montessori school. He is an expert in Socratic dialogue, graduated at George Mason University and received an M.A. in Education in the Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts.

The seminary began last July 19th and concluded on July 25th of 2007. 

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