UFM professors in a dialogue on Ortega y Gasset

Amable Sánchez, Margarita Carrera, Julio César De León and Rigoberto Juárez-Paz, during the dialogue

Ortega y Gasset 50 years after his death, was the title of the dialogue that took place at the Spanish Cultural Center in Guatemala, in Cuatro Grados Norte, sponsored by Spains Embassy last April 19th 2006.

In it the participating professors from the Francisco Marroquín University were Rigoberto Juárez-Paz, Julio César De León Barbero y Amable Sánchez, who moderated de dialogue.  The author Margarita Carrera also participated.

During the dialogue there was emphasis on the main characteristics of Spanish philosophy, such is the case of raciovitalism, prespetivism, the mass-man, their idea of self and idea of life. In the dialogue they also talked of the influencers on Ortegas thinking like Kant,
phenomenology, Goethe, Nietsche and Heidegger, among others.  A particular emphasis was the abandonment of socialism that finally got Ortega close to liberalism.

Last, but not least, the participants referred to the relationship Ortega had with politics and the possibility that the philosophers thought may be current.

Regarding to politics, De León Barbero rephrased Ortega as: the young have no respect for politics because those who govern do not deserve it.  And before the bunch of laws remembered other: with regulations and decrees you dont make a town, you dont make life.

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