UFM Professors will lecture a conference on psychiatric congress

Emilio Quinto, eight from left to right, during the congress in Margarita 

Doctors Roxana Ruiz and Emilio Quinto, professors at the Medicine School of the Francisco Marroquín University, will be lecturing at the Congress of the Latin American Psychiatric Association in the Dominican Republic, on November 2006.

The conference will be on the research that they, with Raúl Higueros, have done on bipolar disease, specifically on the clinical efficacy of Quetiapina (Seroquel) and Lamotrigina (Lamictal) on the bipolar depression treatment.

«Even though some medicines currently used as mood stabilizers present a favorable outcome with depressive episodes (Lamotrigina, Lanzapina and Fluoxetina), its been postulated that new atypical anti-psychotics could have a favorable clinical reaction, like Quetiapina», said M.D. Quinto.

The main objective of this investigation is to determine if the statistical significant differences in the scoring of clinical depression scales of Montgomery Astberg (Madrs) in the treated groups with Seroquel and Lamictal.

Last July, invited by the Neuropsychopharmacology School of Venezuela, Quinto lectured a course on behavioral cognitive therapy of the schizophrenic bipolar syndrome, during a congress at Margarita Island, Venezuela.



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