UFM students at Guanajuato

The UFM team that participated at AIESEC’s Seminar

A group of students from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, members of the International Association of Economic and Commercial Sciences, AIESEC, participated at the Leadership Developing Seminar of that association in Guanajuato, México, from March 22nd to the 31st of 2007.

Fernando Estrada, president of AIESEC Guatemala and student at the UFM’s Economic Sciences School, said that, «this way, they are looking to develop the potential of their members. The seminar was attended by leaders from all Iberoamerica and other guest countries like Estonia, India, Japan, Canada, Turquia and others.  It is an environment where students can interact and share different ideas with members from other countries».

«The environment and the participants attitudes were incredible», said Gustavo Molina; «It was one of the best experiences of my life», added Juan Pablo Castellanos.

«You have the opportunity to share with persons from other countries and to leave the thinking box where you normally live in, it is interesting to see how people from other countries think about economy, politics, religion and food», Estrada expressed.

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