UFM students in Georgetown

President Francisco Flores, fourth from left to right, joined by UFM students in Washington 

Susette España, Cristina Galindo, Rodrigo de Paz and Mauricio Zachrisson, students from the Economic Sciences School of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, participated in the summer program Live, Learn and Intern, sponsored by The Fund for American Studies at Georgetown University.

During 8 weeks,
TFAS accepts students nominated by the UFM to participate in one of its four institutes: journalism, economy and politics, philanthropy and charity and business and foreign affairs.  Annually, near 300 students from the United States of America and all over the world participate.

«I went to the Bryce Harlow Institute on Business and Government Affairs.  The programs goal is that students experience for themselves the dynamic between government and the corporative world through different internships in several organizations in Washington D.C. and to attend classes at Georgetown», explained Susette España.

«Every week we had different lectures on various aspects of the United States political life; some of them were Walter Williams and Francisco Flores.  We also attended the site briefings in the Department of State, the Capitol and the White House», she added.

Susette España explained that she did her internship in the department of Government Affairs in The Associated General Contractors of America, an organization with headquarters in Washington that does pro-business lobbying for construction firms.

«It is a highly competitive program that allowed me an invaluable experience.  I experienced different approaches of Washingtons political life and how corporations defend their interests doing lobbying.  I had the opportunity to put into context what I learned in class and to defy my way of thinking sharing with people who have different perspectives and life styles», she concluded.

The program lasted from June 10th until August 5th 2006, they met there with Sofía Ibárgüen, also a UFM student.

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