UFM students in Pilas con tu voto

In May 2007 Pilas con tu Voto, organized the workshop Democracia y voto with an attendance of more than 250 persons, in Sololá

Pilas con tu Voto is a civic movement, nonpolitical, without aims of profit conformed by Guatemalans youth compromised with Guatemala’s future.

It is based on the electoral responsibility and seeks to stimulate youth participation in the decision making of the upcoming general elections. The mission of Pilas con tu voto is to provide to the Guatemalan youth the necessary tools and spaces to make informed and responsible decisions in the electoral processes.

With young people from other universities, a group of students of Universidad Francisco Marroquín participate actively in Pilas con tu voto.

Ana Sofía Escribá, Juan Fernando Quesada and Fernando Jose Verdugo, from the School of Law, invited to the event Vota por Guate, that will be celebrated next Saturday August 4th of 2007 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Parque de la Industria.

During the event there will be forums on security, health, jobs and education; there will be a Trivia for political parties; and 20 minute meetings with each participating candidate.  The parties and the Corte Suprema Electoral will have stands.

They will also have concerts with Carlos Catania, from La horchata regular band, and the closing event with Viento en Contra.  

The tickets for Vota por Guate are available at Café Gitane, at Q15 per person.  The event is possible due to the collaboration of the newspaper Prensa Libre.

When referring to Pilas con tu voto, Ana Sofía Escribá said that «it is time for us to stop thinking we are the future of our country and to realize that we are the present». Escribá said that «it is time to work together and make Guatemala a better country.  We began the movement with a group of friends and since the result of these elections will be determined by the youth vote it is important that they are well informed».

Juan Jose Quesada, on the other hand, said that «although there is apathy among young people, as far as to politics and the electoral process, Pilas is a movement that makes politics more interesting and appealing for young people.  It also, invites them to inquire in order to vote properly».  Quesada said that he is part of Pilas in order to demand more from our political candidates.

On the other hand, Fernando Jose Verdugo explained that «the idea arose with five friends who realized that the country could be much better».  Verdugo explained that «as youngsters we can do something to improve the situation of the country and we took as example similar groups in Mexico and the United States of America.  Personally I believe that we can make a difference, not only criticizing and suggesting, but acting, voting and being conscious that the present is in our hands».

Pilas con tu voto has a forum for those that are willing to participate and to make the difference, the students explained.





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