UFM’s SER team, at the Excellence Center

Partial view of the participants during one of the activities at the UFM’s Excellence Center

Members of the team Servicio de Excelencia con Responsabilidad (SER) from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, participated in a workshop organized by the Excellence Center of this house of studies.

SER is a consequence of the excellence and client service course that members of the administrative team and professors of this house of studies attended last January 2007.  The course and the SER team are, in its own way, an expression of the UFM’s commitment with excellence, same that, in the University is defined as «a superior quality that makes persons or things worthy of singular esteem or estimation».

SER team is a group of voluntary and enthusiast collaborators, committed with the search of service with excellence; and it pursues a multiplying effect in the UFM members.  Their slogan is Doing it right is not enough, I want to do it with excellence!

While commenting on the workshop, the participants said that:
It was refreshing and funThere was a good rhythm, there was a good environment, (we never lost the interest). Great workshop analogies with our daily work life!It is a great way to break the ice among groups and to trust each other in the different activities.There was a valuable participation of everyone, besides what we are taught, to attain our goals.It is a great way to learn.It allowed us to share our opinions and to hear comparisons between the exercises and our daily work.It is an experiment where we all learn and help each other to work as a team.  The contribution of each person in the process is very valuable.It taught me to give 200% of my capacity and makes it easy to learn how to work as a team, with trust.We were able to do things that, at the beginning, seemed impossible to do.The Excellence Center is an educational project directed to UFM students and external persons to contribute to their integral education, the development of teamwork and leadership abilities, explained Carla de Hess, director of the Center.

The facilities of the Excellence Center are in a hill behind the Ludwig von Mises Library and form part of the UFM’s
Arboretum.  More than 3000 persons have received workshops that include rope dynamics at the University, including students, faculty and administrative personnel of this house of studies; as well as students from other institutions and business employees.

The workshop was held on March 14th of 2007 and was lead by Karina Bonilla.

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