Universal, compulsive and state education discussed during colloquy

Partial view of the group at the Advanced Technologies Center, during their meeting with UFM’s Presdient

Universal, compulsive and state education, was the subject of the colloquy Explorations on Liberty, celebrated in Guatemala from August 23rd to the 25th of 2007.

Explorations on Liberty is a program of the UFM’s President’s Office, sponsored by this house of studies and the Liberty Fund.

This colloquy was directed by Alejandra Salinas, from Argentina and the participants were María Luisa de Padilla, María del Carmen Aceña and Karen Cancinos, from Guatemala; Dora Ampuero, from Ecuador; César Girón, Alfredo Bullard and Luis Bustamante, from Perú; Pablo da Silveira, from Uruguay; Darío Fernández-Morera and Joseph Nagy, from the United States of America; Jaime García, from Chile; Otto Guevara, from Costa Rica; Carlos Sabino and Alberto Mansueti, from Venezuela; María Elena Martinez, from México. 

As observers attended Manuel F. Ayau, Ottavio Benfatto and Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., UFM’s President.  The director of this program is Lucy Martinez-Mont.

On Friday 24th, the last session of the day was celebrated at the UFM and a group of participants met President Ibárgüen.  With him, the group visited the Center of Advanced Technologies and knew the work done at the New Media Digital Resources Center, the Ludwig von Mises Library and the Arboretum; as well as the Milton Friedman Auditorium.

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