URL economic students, in a Socratic dialogue

Julio César De León Barbero and Walter Hernández, during the dialogue

From the chapters on enterprise functions and benefits in the book La Libre Empresaby Francisco Pérez de Antón, the Henry Hazlitt Center of the Francisco Marroquín University, organized a Socratic dialogue with students from the Economic School of the Rafael Landivar University.

The dialogue was hosted by Ph.D. Julio César De León Barbero, head professor of the UFMs Social philosophy class, with the collaboration of Walter Hernández, assistant professor.

«There was an active participation of the students like it is supposed to be in this type of activities.  The whole series of benefits that economic activity brings to society were mentioned, like: need satisfaction, efficient resource application, supply and demand stimulation.  The elevated moral characteristics of free enterprise: individual responsibility towards risk, to think on someone elses needs, to provide better goods and services», De León explained.

«We reflected on some common vices that have nothing to do with free markets and free enterprise like seeking governmental protection from so called businessmen, protection by fiscal privileges, tax barriers and non tax barriers and, being extremist, a monopoly deliberately created», he added.

«The assistants also mentioned some conditions  that dont favor the rise and development of new enterprises like the lack of judicial, fiscal and civil security in general», concluded de dialogue conductor.

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