Visitors from Spring Arbor University, at the UFM

 The visiting group in front of the UFM´s Library

Lead by the Evangelical Center of Pastoral Studies in Central America (Cedepca), 17 students and two professors from  Spring Arbor University, Michigan, visited the Francisco Marroquín University on January 12, 2006.

The visitors came to Guatemala because in that house of studies they gave them the opportunity to travel to any country during three weeks, so that they can get to know the studies and life style ther.  Every year a group of students does it and these year those that came are from the class of 2005.

During their visit to the UFM campus they visited the Academic Building and its Socratic Wing, the Viktor Frankl Clinic, the New Media Digital Resources Center, the Advanced Technologies Center, the Ludwig von Mises Library and the Popol Vuh Museum.

Cedepca is an ecumenical organization that gives theology courses and has a pastoral program for women who have suffered mistreat.





Epidendrum ciliare adornan el campus


Consecuencias no intencionadas del estatismo, en Xela


Nieve en el campus de Madrid