Welcome conference for Dentistry students

Estuardo Zapeta during his dissertation at the UFM’s Friedrich A. Hayek Auditoriom.

Leadership, dilemmas and problems, can we make difficult decisions? was the title of the welcoming conference that offered Estuardo Zapeta to the freshman students from the Dentistry School of Universidad Francisco Marroquín last January 10th, 2007.

The intervention of Zapeta took place after the welcome speech given by the dean, Ramiro Alfaro; and the words by the president of the students association, Christian Escobar.

During his speech the guest talked about leadership and the importance of developing free and responsible individuals.  «The leader assumes the costs, risks and enjoys the benefits of his decisions.  A life with leadership is a life with responsibility», said Zapeta.

During another moment of its conference, Zapeta referred to copying as robbery; and principles as guide for the decision making; as well as searching for the truth.

Estuardo Zapeta is an anthropologist and journalist.  He writes a column in the daily newspaper Siglo Veintiuno and hosts the radio show Contravía.  He is professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

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