William H. Hutt´s birthday

Luis Pedro Mirón, of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Maria del Rosario Ortiz, of the Faculty of Laws, next to the library of William H. Hutt.

William H. Hutt, author of the extraordinary titled test The economist and the policy, and whose personal library is in the University Francisco Marroquín, had turned 106 years today.

During his academic race, that began in 1926, it was a brave voice in favor of the market economy during a time in which the Keynsian economy and the interventionist policies dominated to the profession of the economy and the sand of the public policies.

His first important contributions were The Theory of Collecting Bargaining, The Theory of Idle Resources, Economists and the Public and The Economics of the Colour Bar, among others. In the economist and the policy he treated on the political impossibility of the economic analysis.

As it lived in South Africa, Hutt not only faced the kenesianismo and the interventionism, but that also to the apartheid. The Economics of the Colour Bar was a precapitalist challenge against that racist policy. In him it demonstrated that the governmental intervention in the economy, cradle in ethnic criteria, was bad as much for the black as for the targets.

Richard M. Ebeling, of the for Foundation Economic Education, wrote on Hutt that «from its death in 1988 the Keynsian traditional economy has been eclipsada, the power of the unions no longer is seen like sacrosanct, the apartheid ha disappeared in South Africa and has been a renewed interest by the appreciation and the understanding of the free trade. In good part this has been thanks to the ideas and the consistency of William H. Hutt. For that we had the privilege to know it, its greater influence was by means of the talent and the sense of the humor with which it presented/displayed his ideas. The students adored it «.

After which Hutt died, in 1988, her wife donated to him to the Library Ludwig von Mises, of the UFM, books of economy of the deprived library of
Hutt. Such they are next to the library of Jose Cecilio of the Valley and to the one of Carlos Elmenhorst, on travellers in Mesoamérica.

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