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Gerardo Pallais during his participation in the dialog

Gerardo Pallais, president of the Student Association of the Economic Sciences School at Francisco Marroquín University, participated in the dialogue Hoping things will happen, or causing things to happen?celebrated on January 26 of 2006 by GuateAmala´s impulsators.

The dialogue was centered in the subject of leadership; and for Pallais, «it is a privilege to be seen as a leader since it gives you a feeling of selfrealization and of being able to serve others, a cause or specific goal. On the other hand, and perhaps more important, it implies a great responsibility since you have people behind that are seeing you as a mean to attain objectives. In addition, being a leader implies a commitment with the people involved in the goal, but even more important, it implies a personal commitment to carry on with the tasks».

The other panelistas were: Andrea Cabrera, student of Psychology at the UFM; Steven Klose and María Ines Rosales, of Youth in Acción;  Abner Paredes, lawyer of the University of San Carlos who also works with gangs; and Kok-Wah, member of the board of directros of Swithch, a youthful weekly magazine.  The moderator was Raul Calderón.

Pallais is studying 4º year of Economy with a minor in Finances and Business Administration with a minor in Marketing at the Francisco Marroquín University. He has participated in interchange  programs abroad and in one internship in the world-wide offices of AT&T, Washington D.C. He was bachellor of the year (with the best accumulated average) at Valle Verde School, he was president of the Seminary and of the Alphabetization Program of his school, and he was also nominated sportsman of the year.

With the name GuateAmala, has been denominated the citizen movement for the Culture of Life, which wishes to transform the attitude of Guatemalans towards a proactive and propositive approach, marking guidelines of behavior and inspiring the citizens to live and act positively.

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