Alberto Mansueti spoke about Neosocialism

Alberto Mansueti at the UFM’s Milton Friedman Auditorium

Neosocialism, searching for ideological foundations different from Marxism, was lectured by Alberto Mansueti at the School of Economic Sciences of Universidad Francisco Marroquín last August 23rd of 2007.

Mansueti explained that after the Soviet Union collapsed, Latin American socialists have searched for ideological foundations in a mix of 19th Century socialism, with national heroes from the subcontinent such as Bolivar; with Gramsci’s neomarxism and political correctness.  The conference titled Chávez and Latin American Neosocialism, is available 
here, with a brief interview of Mansueti.

Alberto Mansueti is a Venezuelan lawyer and politologist; member of the movement Rumbo Propio of Venezuela and the Free Enterprise Institute in Perú.  He visited Guatemala to participate in a colloquy of the series Explorations on Liberty organized by UFM and the Liberty Fund.

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