Alejandra Eidelberg at the Viktor Frankl Clinic

Alejandra Eidelberg, second from left to right, during the session at the UFM

Alejandra Eidelberg, argentinian psicoanalist from the lacanian current, visited the Viktor Frankl Clinic from the Psychology Department of the Francisco Marroquín University, on March 2nd of 2006.

Durign the visit, she exchanged ideas on therapeutical treatment in psychoanalisis with the students of fifth year, practicants at the clinic.

«The exchange was centered around the anguish concept, in its actual expression, and how to conceptualize and work in it from the psycoanalisis perspective.  The students were able to share clinical cases and ask questions related to that subject.

Alejandra Eidelberg is a recognized psychoanalist from argentina, from a lacanian stream. She is in Guatemala to dictate clases at Guatemala´s Psychoanalitic Study Group.

Students and practicants from the psychology clinic, Susana de Dicker, department teacher and, Andrea Musso de Licht, coordinator at the Victor Frankl Clinic, attended the exchange.




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