Alejandra Salinas lectures seminars at the UFM

Alejandra Salinas, lecturing the seminar

To lecture a seminar titled Open Democracy and Representative Democracy: historical debates; and another one called Collective Decisions: nature, evolution and electoral system designs, Alejandra Salinas, sociologist and politologist, is at the Francisco Marroquín University.

Both seminars are offered by the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations to their students during summer courses, that started on May 29th and will end on June 9th 2006.

Salinas is an associate professor of Contemporary political debates at the Argentine Catholic University; has been professor of Economics at Saint Paul´s College, and in Junior Achievement, Argentina.  She has also coordinated academic programs in the Liberty Fund of Indianapolis.

She is candidate for a doctorate degree in Political Sciences by the Argentine Catholic University; and has a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations, by the same house of studies.

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