Andrea Tunarosa´s success

Andrea Tunarosa during her graduation speech

Andrea Tunarosa, graduated Summa Cum Laude  at the Economic Sciences School of the Francisco Marroquín University, in May of 2004, returned to Guatemala after her postdegree experience in Spain.

In that European country she obtained a masters in Journalism at the San Pablo CEU University and worked in the newspaper El Mundo. During the period in which she was away from Guatemala, Tunarosa had the opportunity to write for the magazine America Economía, publication that was founded on 1986 by the Chilean Elías Selman and the swedish Nils Strandberg. Its publishing network has offices in Santiago, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Colombia, México City, Miami and New York, and correspondents in the main cities of Latin America. Its mission is: global perspective, regional approach and local intelligence.

In the number 318 of the magazine, corresponding to February-March of 2006, they are including three articles written by Andrea Tunarosa.  In the special on women leaders, titled The era of Venus?  the profiles of
Maria Eugenia Brizuela, president of the Banco Salvadoreño; and
Epsy Campbell,candidate to vice-president of Costa Rica, can be read. 

In the same edition, Andrea Tunarosa also wrote the article titled The defense of Banistmo: «the Panamanian bank wants to survive the war with the Central American banks with alternating routes of business while the regional scenery gets harder».  The news article, was based on an interview with Alberto Vallarino, president of Banistmo.





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