Andrés Marroquín on Sean Covey’s book

Andrés Marroquín (left) greeting doctor Patrick Awah, President of Ashesi University

The inspiriting story of Andrés Marroquín, the first student graduated from the Program Impulso al Talento Acacémico, of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, is related in the book

The 6 Most Important Decisions You´ll Ever Make, A  Guide for Teens, by Sean Covey.

«When I had 8 years I knew that the only way to improve my possibilities and to help my family was to succeed in school.  At elementary school I was the first of the class.  Not because I was smarter, but because I studied more than the others», Marroquín explains.

During the last year of high school Andrés set the goal of studying in one of the best universities of Guatemala; and people told him that that was an impossible dream.  Nevertheless Andrés focused, not in the things that were out of his control, but in those which he could control: his attitude, his initiative and his objective; and thus he managed to be admitted in the UFM, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude, later he obtain a doctorate degree at George Mason University.

During the elaboration of his doctoral thesis, Marroquín worked with the Wayuu native of the Guajira, the Ticuna natives from the Amazon and the Chamba community in the department of Tolima.

Now, Andrés Marroquín is back and is professor at the House of the Freedom, where he teaches Analysis of the Public Choice Decisions and the seminaries of Economy I and II at the Economic Sciences School. He was also a visiting professor at Ashesi University in Accra, Ghana.

The intention of the ITA Programa is to form successful professionals locally and internationally, prepared to occupy important leadership positions and to carry out the mission of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

This house of studies, by means of the ITA Program grants the selected students, during the entire career, a complete scholarship that covers the expenses of tuition, fees and text books. In addition it grants them a monthly allowance for educational supplies and transport. The Program also covers the expenses of lodging in university residences.

The students who enjoy the benefits of the ITA Program are carefully selected in order to recruit the students with extraordinary intellectual capacities and the determination to acquire an excellent professional formation in Business Management, Economics or Law. Another indispensable condition to have access to the program is that those students lack enough economic resources to pay for their studies.

The students must keep their averages superior to the average in their respective academic units and, in addition, they must demonstrate high leadership qualities.





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