Andrew Humphries, at the UFM

Andrew Humpries; Grete Pasch, director of the Ludwig von Mises Library and Ivonne de Suárez, subdirector of the Henry Hazlitt Center

With a scholarship granted by the Institute for Humane Studies, Andrew Humphries, from Saint Johns Collage in Santa Fe, is now at the Francisco Marroquín University in an internship at the New Media Digital Resources Center and the Henry Hazlitt Center, of this house of studies.

During his stay at the UFM, Humphries will be digitalizing videos in
New Media; he has digitalized the video of Marc Miles, editor of the Economic Freedom Index of the Heritage Foundation; and Donald Livingston, from Emory University, among others.

With the
Henry Hazlitt Center, he will write a report on that academic unit, its development, history and impact in the University.

Humphries is at the UFM as a consequence of Wendy Purnells visit, director of Think for Yourself Projects, from the Institute for Humane Studies, in November 2005; and he will remain in this house of studies until August 2006.

«I am morally compromised with voluntarism, free markets and individual liberty.  My main interests are Austrian economics and libertarian philosophy by Leonard E. Read.  I think that Austrian economists capture the essence of action and interchange better than other free market economists and to understand the Austrian tradition is an imperative in moral defense of freedom and individual responsibility», said Humphries when showing his interest to visit the UFM.

The Humane Studies Fellowship is granted by the IHS to support the academic work to extraordinary students that are interested in exploring principles, practices and institutions needed for a free society.  In 2003 he obtained the U.S. History Award, granted by the National Social Studies League to students who show their superior knowledge of U.S. history.

Andrew Humphries has done internships at the Institute of Economic Affaires, in London; and at the Houston Property Rights Association.  He is founder of the Human Action Studies Group in Saint Johns and has participated in numerous seminars.




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