Angel Fulladolsa lectured at the UFM

Angel Fullaldosa, center, joined by David Martínez-Amador and Juan José Ramírez

With a conference on Political Marketing, by Angel Fulladolsa, concluded the course Social Psychological Principles applied to political propaganda in elections, given by Juan José Ramírez at the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations of the Francisco Marroquín University.

In his conference, Fulladolsa made emphasis on the importance of knowing the political arena in Guatemala, how it is that publicity messages respond better to the voters expectations.  At the end, he closed with an ideal profile of the presidential candidate for next elections that, among other qualities, would need: a known political career, defined values and principles and a conciliatory attitude.

Ph.D. Angel Fulladolsa is sub-director of the Health and Wellbeing Direction of Guatemalas Mayors office. He has experience on health public policies in different continents; he has worked in America, Europe and Africa.  He has taught in several universities and assessed several regional programs on the health fields.  He has published in international scientific-medical journals 19 articles on chronically non transmittable diseases and studies on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa; as well as 22 papers and technical reports on HIV/AIDS, malnutrition and poverty, risks and vulnerability of rural families in Guatemala.  In the political sphere he is in charge of analyzing national regional scenery to define the political strategy for the political party he belongs to.

The course was thought as a useful approach to the political marketing world, making special emphasis on classical social psychology.  It was amazing how the conclusions of Solomon Asch, from Stanley Milgram or Paul Zak, have great implications to explain human behavior in sociopolitical contexts, explained Ramirez, clinical psychologist.




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