Arboretum and Orpafm finalists in Arroba de Oro

This is the website of Arroba de Oro 2006

The websites Arboretum and Organización para las Artes Francisco Marroquín, were nominated in the categories of Education and Art, respectively, to receive the Arroba de Oro 2006 to the best Website of Guatemala.

The winners and
nominees will be authorized to use the icon of the Arroba de Oro 2006 in their websites, as a symbol that accredits them as the best in the country.  Each selected website will get a diploma that will accredit it as a nominee in the different categories; meanwhile the winners will get an Arroba de Oro award, which was designed with world standards as the Academy Oscars- and a 24 karat bath.  A special prize will be handed to the website with the most points granted by an International Jury during the second phase.  The winner will be awarded, besides de golden trophy, with prizes worth up to US,000.

Among the objectives of the UFM’s
Arboretum are to preserve and exhibit live plants and trees, native and exotic; to make an ecologic reserve for animal and vegetable species of the area that are endangered; to recover the ecosystem at the UFM campus, and to have an inventory of the biodiversity at campus.

Organización para las Artes Francisco Marroquín was established 23 years ago and has successfully organized and executed more than nine hundred national and international activities, national and international conference cycles, ballets, musical shows, multiple media productions, cultural games for general entertainment and diverse courses on applied arts.

We invite fiduciaries, directives, professors, administrative personnel, students and friends of the UFM to visit the named websites, to use them and send comments on their usability and educational value.  For comments on the Arboretum,
make click here; for comments on the Orpafm,
make click here.

This is the third consecutive year that the UFM gets nominated.  The
Ludwig von Mises Library website won the
 for the best website in Guatemala, since its creation is complete, innovative and easy to use, according to the jury.  In the same event, the website of
New Media Digital Resources Center got to compete with the library for the maximum award in the Education category.  Meanwhile the
Museo Popol Vuh also got nominated in the category of Art.  In 2004, the UFM website also made it to the
 among the best three websites in the Education category.

In Guatemala, the Arroba de Oro 2006 is organized by with the sponsorship of Telefónica, CDMedia and Páginas Amarillas de Publicar.





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