Architecture students designed a turning circular helix in Xela

UFM´s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., at the stand.  At the table: Fernando Safié and Angel Roncero.

With the sponsorship of Fernando Safié, president of Burger King Guatemala, Architecture students of the  Universities Francisco Marroquín and Mesoamericana extensions in Quetzaletenango, participated in the design of a turning circular helix, which will be located at the end of the Avenue of the Américas, zone 9, at Quetzaltenango city.

The cities, as the city planner Jane Jacobs says, «are problems of an organized complexity», that force us «to deal simultaneously with a great number of interrelated factors in an all organic one». Given the complexity that this implies, such multiplicity of problems cannot be solved in a centralized way.  Therefore the importance of urban planners trusting decisions from individual agents, people who have their eyes on the street while interacting with others in public spaces.

The award ceremony for the turning circular helix proposals of Quetzaltenango constitutes an example of the urbanism that praises Jane Jacobs.   The good operation of the urban areas is the result of the diverse and right initiatives of local neighbors.  Each one´s creative and respectful initiative, persuing their own interest and promoting their own plans without excluding others, is translated into favorable projects, in a frame of general rules, that cause the voluntary and pacific cooperation. In this way, each initiative is like a spark that illuminates the human scope and makes it more habitable.  

Ten works were received, each one with very personal characteristics, and developed with great artistic sensitivity, and all worthy ones of an enthusiastic applause. It was not easy for the professional judges of the architecture to choose a winner. Finally, the winner was the student Maria Gabriela Orozco, of the Eighth Semester of Architecture of the University Mesoamericana de Quetzaltenango.  The prize was a a one year scholarship of studies in Architecture which was given in a local restaurant.

The Mayor of Quetzaltenango city, Jorge Rolando Barrientos, and his councilmen offered their support to the initiative of Safié. Also, Angel Roncero Marcos, general director of the Quetzaltenango Campus of the University Francisco Marroquín, and the Faculty of Architecture of that extension collaborated in a unconditional way with the contest.

Architects Manrique Saenz, Hugo Gómez, Rolando Balleza and Peter Gisseman participated in the evaluation of the different designs and offered their knowledge and experience in the evaluation of the displayed designs.

Harry Diaz García, member of the Supervising Council, coordinated the contest.

In the act was the President of the UFM, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S.; the General Secretary, Ricardo Castillo A.; and the treasurer, Ramon Parellada.

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