Axel Paredes exhibits architectural project for precipice

Axel Paredes during the exhibition, at the UFM

The project of architect Axel Paredes, who proposes the design of an Ecological Research Center in one of the precipices of the capital city, is in exhibition until May 17th of 2007 at the School of Architecture of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, located in the Sixth floor of the UFM’s academic building.  

«For this project, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was elaborated a variety of digital and analogous experiments with the objective to propose an innovating architecture from methodologies available and use of industrial and organic materials, like the bamboo, wood, plastics and PVC», Paredes explained.  

«The designing methodology uses the digital technology and experimental processes to generate a non conventional architecture that goes beyond the traditional architecture.  The complex geometry of the building was solved after making several experiments in physical prototypes simulating its real construction and manipulating the designs with different digital tools», he added.  

Next Monday May 14th at 11:15 a.m., architect Paredes will give a lecture on this project at the UFM’s School of Businesses, EN-601.  A news article on that project was published by Revista D, published by the newspaper Prensa Libre last March 25th of 2007.

Paredes obtained a masters degree with emphasis in Architectonic Design and Digital Manufacture at MIT this year.  His work was advised by architect Yung Ho Chang, head of the Department of Architecture of MIT; by Doctor Axel Kilian, professor at MIT; and by architect John Fernandez, professor of structures of that same institution in Boston.   Paredes is professor at the UFM and graduated from this house of studies.

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