Berton Braley sings to freedom and productivity

Virtues in Verse is available at the Ludwig von Mises Library

Who, in the middle of so much craziness, sings to freedom, productivity and reason?  Breton Braley, the bard of individualism and capitalism.

One of his most important interpreters, Linda Abrams, published
[ Virtues in Verse], The best of Berton Braley; anthology that is at the Ludwig von Mises Library of the Francisco Marroquín University, and recognizes de strength of the versifier as the author used to call himself.

Braley not only wrote thousands of poems in which he celebrates the proper values of a society of free and responsible persons; but he did it with good humor and impeccable rhythm and metric, and with simple language too.

Berton Braley was born in Wisconsin on January 29th 1882 and died in Florida on January 23rd 1966.  During his life he wrote a book on how to make poems:  The Rymster, several books on poems like Sonnets of a Freshman, The Oracle on Smoke, Songs of a Workday World, Things as They Are, In Camp and Trench and Stand Fast for Freedom; and novels like The Sheriff of Silver Bow.

Linda Abrams interpreted Braleys poems during
The Objectivist Center Summer Seminar that was celebrated at the Chapman University in July 2005 and dedicated a copy of its anthology to the professors and students of the Francisco Marroquín University.




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