Bolivia towards socialindigenism, exposed Del Rio

Marco Antonio del Río at the UFM’s Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium

Bolivia in the Transition Toward a Social-Indigenism Economy, was the title of the lecture by Marco Antonio Del Rio to the students of the Economic Sciences School of the Francisco Marroquín University on July 27th 2006.

«My idea is to briefly show the historical circumstances that allowed a rural leader like Evo Morales to become President of Bolivia and explain the economic political and social basis that his government is pretending to take in an open position he likes to call neo-liberalism, which is used to make reference to the free market capitalist economy», explained the lecturer.

Del Rio referred to Bolivia’s background between 1882 and 2005; the crisis of the Bolivian state between 2000 and 2005; Evo Morales becoming president; and the challenges of the Asamblea Constituyente and the Regional Autonomies.  He also talked about government perspectives, the ideology of the new government, nationalization of fossil fuels, the agrarian reform, and the laic and indigenous education and the axis La Habana-Caracas-La Paz. View the conference

Del Rio is licentiate in Economics by the Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University; he has a master degree in International Business and Finances by the Tor Vergara Rome University; and has a doctorate degree on Law and Marketing program at the Pablo de Olavide University.

He is coauthor of the research titled Historical and Cultural Development of Santa Cruz; and his thesis was titled Economic Evaluation of the Telecommunications Regulations in Bolivia.  He has taught and received numerous awards and scholarships.

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