Burger King at the Excellence Center

Ropes dynamics

More than 130 members of the Burger King team, in seven workshops with an average of 18 participants per workshop, have participated in the Excellence Center of the Francisco Marroquín University during May 2006.

The team, integrated mainly by restaurant managers and assistants, had conferences on teamwork and creativity, as well as low ropes dynamics.

Henry Durán, from the Burger King Training Department, coordinated all the workshops and joined some groups during the activities.  Every workshop ended with a lunch at the terrace of the UFMs Students Center.

Refering to the experience, some participants said it was

A course that teaches a lot on the confidence you should have on your work team.These are great tools to teach the importance of many things that we can now apply even to our personal life.Verry good!  Its great to have a forest like this one in the middle of the city.It is a workshop that inspires people to believe in themselves and to take risks.Its motivating, innovator, it makes us realize we should be prepared for challenges, change and solutions for every situation.Photos of the workshop held on
May 9th

Photos of the workshop held on
May 11th

Photos of the workshop held on
May 16th

Photos of the workshop held on
May 18th

Photos of the workshop held on
May 23rd

Photos of the workshop held on
May 25th

Photos of the workshop held on
May 30th




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