Children visited the Popol Vuh Museum

A group of kids leaving the Museum towards the clay workshop

More than 174 children between 8 and 12 years old visited the Popol Vuh Museum at Universidad Francisco Marroquín last Saturday May 26 of 2007.

In the special day for orphanages, children from the homes Centro Vocacional San José, Rafael Ayau, Mi Casa, San Francisco Javier, Anini and Hogar de los Santos Angeles de Fontiveiro participated in guided tours through the Museum and the workshop Hands on clay.

Also they listened to Alexis, the Story teller, and Juanitos, his companions, who narrated parts of the Popol Vuh and legends of Guatemala, as well as jungle stories.

«In the interval, the visitors enjoyed a snack, thanks to the generosity of companies that donated different products», explained Roxana Valls, manager of the Museum. Such was the case of polvorosas from the Bakery San Martín; Lozano juice; milk from Foremost; Doritos and Cheetos from Filler´s, candies courtesy of the Stampfli family; and brownies from Intecap.

After the second round of strolls and workshops they were handed a gift bag with work sheets, courtesy of the museum volunteers; watercolors from Interquimsa, brushes donated by Rosa María Stixrud; balls by Mariano Aycinena; Batman comic strips donated by Pepsi; and story books given by Imprenta Hojas Verdes.

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