Cole published an article about eponymics

Cole’s essay was published in the Summer 2006 edition of  The Independent Review

The article On Eponymy in Economics by Julio H. Cole, professor of the Francisco Marroquin University, was published in The Independent Review.

«Even though many economists are not familiarized with the word eponymy, the concept to which it is related is a common and well known practice, to name after a scientist part of everything that he has discovered» (Merton 1973, 298), explains Ph.D. Julio H. Cole, in the cited article.

As a fact, Bolivar is the eponymy of Bolivia, like Arthur Laffer is the eponymy of Laffers Curve.

«Like mathematicians and scientific doctors, economists have contributed a lot with the package of scientific concepts named by their founders.  The proof is the marvelous book An Eponymous Dictionary of Economics: A Guide to Laws and Theorems Named alter Economists (2004), edited by Julio Segura and Carlos Rodríguez, that provides definitions and detailed explications for more than 300 eponymic expressions commonly used in Economy», says
The Independent Review, in its website referring to Cole’s essay that comments that book.

Julio H. Cole is professor at the Economic Sciences School of the Francisco Marroquín University; and editor of the Laissez Faire journal of that academic unit.




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