Competitiveness, discussed in seminar at EPRI

Susan Pineda and Pablo Reyes, from Pronacom, during a seminar celebrated at the UFM

Competitive strategies, was the theme of the conference given to students from the Institutes of Political Studies and International Relations from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, by Susana Pineda and Pablo Reyes, advisors of the National Competitive Program.

The conference was focused on the productive and technological infrastructure, as well as the strengthening of the productive and exporting apparatus; themes that Pineda and Reyes deal with in Pronacom.

«Among the discussed themes were: the importance of Guatemala as a logistic center, politics in the energy sector, the infrastructure development plan that includes airport systems, ports, highways, connectivity and industrial parts», informed Verónica Spross de Rivera, who is one of the professors of Seminario de Desarrollo Iberoamericano Comparado that is given at EPRI.

«We also spoke on how to strengthen the exporting axis, theme that Pronacom and Invest in Guatemala deal with.  In this field it was emphasized that there are three critical factors to achieve competitiveness, being the best in productivity, specialization and innovation», added Spross.

Students participated in the conference; and the seminar is given during all the semester with Javier Calderón, Carroll Ríos de Rodríguez, Carlos Sabino and Verónica Spross de Rivera, with the participation of invited guests.

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