De la Torre spoke of hidden powers in »Perspectivas»

Fernando Solís, Claudia Samayoa, Ariel Rivera, Antonio Mosquera and Armando de la Torre, during the forum Perspectivas

Doctor Armando de la Torre, director of the Superior Social Sciences School of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, participated in the forum Perspectivas, on the theme Hidden powers, who rules in Guatemala?, where the reach of hidden powers, their influence on political power and proposals to confront them were discussed. 

The forum originated in the premise that drug dealers, organized crime and other power groups threaten the political power. 

Besides de la Torre, the other participants were Antonio Mosquera, from Universidad de San Carlos; Fernando Solís, editor of El Observador, and Claudia Samayoa, a Human Rights activist. The moderator was Ariel Rivera, from Universidad Rafael Landívar, and the forum was celebrated at the USACs Paraninfo. 

Besides identifying the hidden powers, the panelists agreed to mention that the organized crime infiltration in the political power could be eliminated with the citizens help and increasing security and justice, since these groups attain leadership through impunity, Prensa Libre informed. 

The forum Perspectivas is organized by the universities Francisco Marroquín, Mariano Gálvez, Rafael Landívar and San Carlos de Guatemala, together with the newspaper Prensa Libre. It is a part of a series of forums that, through the year, analyze Guatemalan current issues. 

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