Director of the IK Center participated in a television show

David Martínez-Amador, from the UFM’s IK Center, at the far right on the T.V. show

With the purpose of giving an academic perspective on themes like anti-Semitism and in intolerance, the Director of the Ibn Khaldun International Research Center, at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, David Martínez-Amador participated in a television forum on channel 27.

«The other participants at this forum were Israel´s ambassador and the director of the Jewish community in Guatemala.  In the program, the IK Center Director approached the historical outburst of anti-Semitism, the Dreyfuss case, the tension between the Christian world and the Jewish Diapora and where the modern world is tending with the development of new political speeches that promote intolerance», explained Martínez-Amador.

«Channel 27 is a massive religious television media, and this academic approach is valuable because it allows the approach of liberty ideas and tolerance in media that is traditionally distant from academics.  The theory and knowledge is not an exclusive element of professionals, ut a resource that should be able to reach people in every environment», he added.

«In the same line, an academic workshop has been proposed for pastoral leaders in the areas of History, Government and Economy fundaments, that would be imparted by the IK Center», concluded Martínez-Amador.





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