Edgar López, to the CCF Institute Leadership Board

Doctor Edgar López, Secretary of the UFM’s School of Medicine

Doctor Edgar López, secretary of the School of Medicine at Universidad Francisco Marroquín was elected member of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Institute Leadership Board; he begins functions on August 21st of 2007.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation is a vanguard organization.  The magazine U.S. News & World Report has included it among the best hospitals of the United States of America. The CCF has been positioned as number 1 for heart disease and cardiovascular surgery, consecutively, for several years.

«Year after year, during their presentation on medical advances, good and innovating news have surprised the world-wide medical community and the millions of patients around the world, who wait hoping for something new that alleviates their diseases», doctor López explained.

«This year, the genetic analysis of cardiovascular diagnosis for patients and their families, after they have undergone acute heart attacks, has been presented.  The genes where specific problems lie have been identified, and that is one of the novelty areas of medicine’s future: genetics and molecular Biology», López added.

«The CCF is among the top five places for neurology and neurosurgery: surgery for epilepsy has been an extraordinary innovation.  Particularly now that there is a significant amount of cases that show positive results», he indicated.

«Growth in these areas and other subspecialties of medicine has been extraordinary in an organization of 1.500 beds.  They speak of a Center for heart disease, probably the biggest in the world.  The CCF inaugurated, recently, the Institute of Urology that is also positioned between the top three places due to its good reputation in treating prostate problems, incontinence and sexual difficulties.  And the most recent is the Neurological Institute, with their outstanding convulsions surgery treatments», commented Doctor Edgar López.

«Our relation with the CCF was born as a result of my training in Internal Medicine and Intensive Care.  Since my return to Guatemala, we established a relationship. Later on a formal relation began between Foundaciion Chusita LLerandi de Herrera and the CCF.  From then on the Annual Medical Sessions began, 9 of these have been made. It is a world class scientific activity», said Doctor López.  

«Several students from the UFMs School of Medicine have benefitted from electives in different medical specialties and subspecialties. Also several Guatemalan specialists have had opportunity to attend congresses organized by the CCF including short visits to their specialty areas», he concluded.

Doctor Lopez is a doctor and general surgeon, graduated in 1985 at the UFM; he specialized in Internal Medicine and Intensive Cares, at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in 1990; he is secretary of the UFMs Medicine School; he is director of post degree Medical programs at the UFMs School of Medicine, he is a member of the American College of Physicians, the American College of Chest Physicians, and of the American Society of Critical Care Medicine; he is director of the Cleveland Clinic Healthlink Guatemala.

He participated in the Foundation for Economic Education New York – UFM Market Process Seminar and in the Institute for Global Ethics.




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