Eduardo Mayora presented El imperio del Derecho

The book was edited by Artemis Edinter

El imperio del Derecho y el contencioso administrativo en el Derecho guatemalteco comparado, is the title of the book that PhD Eduardo Mayora Alvarado presented in the Francisco Marroquín University last May 20fth 2006.

«This book is about the State of Law, but not only in the theoretical sphere, but also of the institutions functioning and techniques needed in orther for those ideals to become a current reality.  The main axis of the book is related to jurisdictional control of the legality in the Administration’s acts that are studied and exposed in Guatemala’s law and compared law», says the book.

The presentation was headed by the lawyers Jorge Rolando Barrios and René Villegas; and was sponsored by the UFM and Artemis Edinter, at the Milton Friedman auditorium of this house of studies.

The book is also a work that looks into the future, as Jorge Rolando Barrios, the prologue author, expressed.  Mayora pleads for a mentality change that privileges jurisprudence, for this he makes concrete proposals in legislative reforms, justifying them with pertinent doctrinaire references like, law is really found in court sentences since they synthesize what at the end is implied by the constitution, law and doctrine or common law; which means, law.


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