Enrique Ghersi visits the UFM

Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., UFM´s President; Milton Estuardo Argueta, Law School Dean;  Enrique Ghersi; and the students Juan Pablo Gramajo and Christian Lowenthal

To lecture a conference on the agrarian courts and to participate in other academic activities in the Law School of the Francisco Marroquín University, Enrique Ghersi, coauthor of El otro sendero, visited this house of studies.

The conference was celebrated on Wednesday February 22nd in the evening and, also participated in it the magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice of Guatemala, Luis Fernandez. The conference was previous to a meeting that Ghersi maintained with professors from the Henry Hazlitt Center and with members of the National Economic Research center. This conference could seen shortly, here.  On the following day the guest lectured on the right of property, which can be seen
here. Ghersi also met with members of the  Public Choice Analysis Center.

During his stay in the UFM, Ghersi also it will participate in a colloquy on property rights, as part of the
  Freedom Explorations that this house of studies organizes jointly with the Liberty Fund.

Ghersi is a distinguished academic, lawyer and politician, in addition to editor and journalist.  He is coauthor of El otro sendero, book written jointly with Hernando de Soto and Mario Ghibellini. His thesis in the Catholic University of Peru, was titled Economic Analysis of the Legal Access to the Property: the habitational case in Lima.   He has been an editor in the newspaper
[ La Prensa], correspondent of the Reasonmagazine and conductor of the program La economía al díain channel 11 of Lima. He has been investigator of the Institute Freedom and Democracy and university professor of Law in the University of Lima and is visiting professor in the Francisco Marroquín University.

He is member of the Philadelphia Society; the Geographic Society of Lima; the Royal Economic Society, Londres;  the National Geographic Society; and the Mont Pelerin Society, among others.

In 2005 he visited the UFM to participate in a
  of the series Freedom Explorations, that this house of studies organizes jointly with the Liberty Fund.  Later, in June of that year, he participated in the
telecommunications  forum, organized in this University; and, in that occasion, he lectured a conference of competitive character of the
law sourcesat the Rafael Landivar University.

Ghersi was interviewed by Eduardo Smith, of the newspaper Prensa Libre; and participated in the radio show Milenio Tres, lead by Alejandro Baldizón.

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