Enrique Ramírez displays chimneys from Antigua

Drawing of the chimney at Smithers’ house, in Antigua Guatemala, by Enrique Ramírez

Architect Enrique Ramírez, professor at the Architecture School of the Francisco Marroquín University and member of the Philosophy Seminar of this house of studies, displays his pictorial work at Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala.

Titled La poética de las chimeneas de Santiago de los Caballeros, the art show has 22 drawings of Antiguas chimneys that the artist has done through the years.  It is exhibited from June 17th to July 9th 2006, in that hotel.

From Ramírez work, Roberto González Goyri wrote that I confess that when I saw it I was impressed by its quality& Quique Ramírez shows us a visual sample not only of his technical ability, but of his gift to find the most hidden emotion in these architectonic details that can be unnoticed by the profane.

In D Magazine, on June 18th 2006, Ramírez explains that one of the characteristic elements of the colonial city is more than a decoration: it reflects life in a period with no matches, no electricity& I dont have the slightest doubt that there is a silent symbolic and loving history between the virile stucco of every chimney and that feminine impregnated soot in its inclined walls.

In the UFMs Architecture School, architect Ramírez teaches Graphic Communication I and II.





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