EPRI in Congress of International Relations

Hector Herrera, Susana Siekavizza, Lyla Carillo, Anne Elisse Moller, Maria del Pilar Alvarez and Pedro Trujillo

Accompanied by Pedro Trujillo, director of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations of the University Francisco Marroquín, students of the EPRI participated in II the Central American Congress of Students of International Relations and Compatible Races.

The same one was celebrated in the Catholic University of Honduras, between a the 4 and the 7 of August of the 2005 and equipment of the UFM were integrated  by Hector Herrera, Susana Siekavizza, Lyla Carillo, Anne Elisse Moller, Maria del Pilar Alvarez and Pedro Trujillo.

«The primary target of the Congress was to present and to debate subjects of interest for the Central American present time; such as the vision on integration from the perspective of the participant countries and the DR-CAFTA, also from the same perspective», informed Trujillo.

«The importance of the event is in the possibility of interchanging perceptions on subjects that have direct and special incidence at the present time and reality of the Region; and to discover common spaces of collaboration so that, in a future, the integration, whatever it is the model that is adopted, present great advantages for the countries that conform it», added

To the encounter they concurred representing of universities of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, the UFM of Guatemala and the Catholic University of Honduras, that was the host of the encounter.

Work meetings were had in which the delegations exposed their arguments and points of view in relation to the reality of each country and in that the participants had the opportunity to interchange ideas, projects, reflections, hopes and nonsingle points of view on the mentioned aspects but on other areas of common interest.

«To the academic interchange it was united, with the Honduran amiability, a local presentation of culture, traditions and gastronomy that also, and of special form, was shared by the assistants», said Trujillo.

«The opportunity was enriching, the attention received exquisite and the possibility of participation of our young people opened to the different initiatives; and we hoped to be able to participate with equal success in the next Congress to celebrate in 2006», concluded.

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