EPRI welcomed new students

A group of EPRI’s freshmen students, during their welcome lunch at the UFM.
Fotos by Pamela Toledo

«In order to integrate new EPRI members to the University and make them feel part of the Institute, the Student Association of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations, of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, organized a welcome lunch for freshmen students», informed Maria Jose Nichols, coordinator of the Association.

The activity, that was celebrated last January 19th of 2007, was attended by Pedro Trujillo, director of the Institute; Santiago Fernandez, General Secretary of the Institute, and Ana Patricia de Bassi, coordinator of the Induction Program.

The lunch took place at the terrace of the Students Center where more than 50 freshmen students attended, as well as members of the Students Association. «The activity was a success. I consider that we reached our goal of welcoming new EPRI students and involving them in activities organized by the Association», commented Darío Celaya who, with Alexander Pacheco and Phillip Chicola, organized the event.

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