Eros and politics, at the IK Center

David Amador at the UFM’s Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium

Eros and politics was the name of the conference given to the students of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations by David Amador, Director of the Ibn Khaldun International Research Center, of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

This conference was a synthesis of the Seminar Eros and Political Power that is lectured by professor Amador to the political science students.  

The theme of the conference analyzed the sexual problematic and its relation with the development of political ideas since the Socratic erotica, passing through scholastic writings; and from Freud until the work of Jacques Derrida.  «The relation between the problem of sexuality and political power is very narrow: the natural sexual division has created the established rolls, the search of sex has entailed historical marriages in order to unite kingdoms and to increase power. But in last instance, the most important lesson is that, regarding human sexuality, the state has nothing to say or to impose, since, this is a fundamentally a human activity, that must evolve and developed in a freedom environment», explained Amador. 

The course of Eros and Political Power will be given during the summer of 2007 at the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations. 

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