Esteban Andrino, in Germany

Esteban Andrino, at Brandenburg’s Door

To study time analysis series and standard deviation bands, Esteban Andrino traveled to the Institut fur Unternehmerische Feiheit, in Berlin, Germany.

Andrino has a licentiate in Business Management and is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Henry Hazlitt Center, at Universidad Francisco Marroquin.

Andrino was at the Institute for Free Enterprise last June 5th through 7th of 2007.  During his visit to the German Capital, he knew Berlin’s Cathedral, Brandenburg’s Door, the Alexander Platz, the Sony Center and other main attractions.

«It was a great experience! Berlin is a city filled with history and plenty of intellectual and cultural activities.»

The IUF is a think tank that makes changes in policies through the development of concepts to reforms based on liberty, entrepreneurship and competition.




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