Excellence, a discussion between Law students and UFM´s President

 Los estudiantes casi llenaron el Auditorio Milton Friedman, en el Edificio New Media

The freshman students of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín´s Law School, accompanied by the dean, Milton Estuardo Argueta and  the faculty, met with UFM´s President Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. to know and discuss the excellence that is promoted in this house of studies.

The President took advantage of the occasion to remember that, in the UFM, the Law School is a school of Law, and not of Legal Sciences, making emphasis in the study of law and the individual rights.

At the UFM, excellence is a virtue that is defined as «a superior quality that makes people or things worthy of singular esteem or estimation». President Ibárgüen explained that, for this house of studies, the academic excellence is «the quality of ideas, principles and performances of those who, like professors or students, are habitually located over the simple material and routine fulfillment of their duties, constituting before all a live example of coherent life». Excellence, understood this way, «is possible in a frame of freedom, competition and respect».

This commitment with excellence is contained in a
document  that, as a «contract with the students and professors» has been elaborated in the Francisco Marroquín University.   As examples of the success in the search of the excellence, the President showed the students some activities that are made at the UFM, such as the 
New Media Digital Resources Center, the
Popol Vuh Museum   and the

The President also talked about the mission of the UFM that is the education and diffusion of the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons. He also related the origins of this house of studies.  Ibárgüen also spoke of the importance of the teachers evaluations and the students responsibilities.

Before concluding the meeting President Ibárgüen listened to students comments and answered their questions. This year, the President has already met with the psychology students and plans to meet with all of the academic units of the UFM.

The meeting was held on January 24, 2006 at the Milton Friedman Auditorium, in the New Media Building of the UFM campus.

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