Expert in suicides and auto mutilations, at the UFM

Nicholas Scull, at the fountain of the Ludwig von Mises Library

Nicholas Scull, expert in the psychological treatment for persons that mutilate or cut themselves, and persons that have tried to commit suicide or are considering it, is visiting the Francisco Marroquín University to teach at the Psychology Department.

Currently he provides individual psychotherapy to graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and conducts sessions on vocational, emotional and mental health themes, including anxiety, depression and adjustment problems.

He has been psychotherapist at the Congress of United Latins in Philadelphia; where he has lead family and individual psychotherapy groups for dependant, delinquent and transgressor youngsters.  He has worked on themes like death and the loose of beloved ones, drug abuse, criminal conduct, mental illness, sexual and physical abuse and domestic violence.

Nicholas Scull has practiced psychotherapy at the Psychological Services Department, at the Swathmore College; and at The Lincoln Center, in Pennsylvania.  He has coordinated programs in Philadelphia Health Management Corporation and counseled crisis at the Help on Call in Arizona, among other professional activities.

, during the annual Conference of the American Psychological Association, celebrated in Washington D.C., he presented his work on Development of Racial Consciousness for a Racial Majority Children in Guatemala, with the participation of Yetilú de Baessa, director of the UFMs Psychology Department; Stephen Quintana and Fernando Sánchez.

Scull has a doctorate degree from the University of Wisconsin, and is specialized in clinical counseling.  He has a M.S.S. from Bryn Mawr College, in social work; and a B.A. from the University of Arizona, in Psychology.  He is member of the American Psychological Association.

During his first week at the UFM, Scull visited the Academic Building and its Socratic Wing, the New Media Digital Resource Center, the Advanced Technologies Center and the Ludwig von Mises Library.

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